About servmatix

About Servmatix

Servmatix is a leading IT company that offers cloud-based services to enterprises and businesses of all sizes. Backed by several years of rich experience in the networking industry and CDN locations spanning across several countries, Servmatix offers highly scalable cloud solutions that manage your IT needs to perfection. Be it hosting services, network security or infrastructure solutions, Servmatix has a perfect answer for your every IT need.

Why Choose Servmatix?

In today’s highly competitive world, companies lack the expertise or resources to meet growing business needs. Cloud computing technology offers a perfect solution to overcome business challenges by incorporating cutting edge technologies into your business processes while leveraging your available resources to the fullest. When it comes to cloud based services, Servmatix is the leader. At Servmatix, we take pride in delivering highly scalable cloud solutions that are engineered using cutting edge technologies, highly secure, reliable and boost your business performance in a great way.

What does Servmatix offer your business?

As the leader in the Cloud and Managed hosting segment, we offer cloud based enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes. We work with a unique methodology of augmenting world class technologies with our expertise staff to deliver highly scalable cloud solutions to your business. World class technologies, rapid deployment, premium class networks and highest customer service are some of the striking features that make us stay ahead of competition. With Enterprise Class Servers, RAID10 storage, Redundant Power, 99.9% uptime SLA, Regular Backups and support for all major server operating systems, Servmatix offers high quality services that are second to none. Highest customer service is our utmost priority.

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