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Cloud machines have become an integral part of business processes of most companies in recent times. The dynamically scalable feature of cloud machines allows businesses to leverage available resources to perform at optimal levels while reducing costs on operation. In addition, cloud machines bring great levels of agility to your business processes.

At Servmatix, we take pride in offering innovative features that are second to none. The Automatic Scaling feature of our cloud machines allows you to scale up resources during peak traffic levels. You pay only for the services used. At the same time, Automatic Failover feature facilitates transfer of critical data to secure systems in times of outages. You have the flexibility to choose your software, hardware and network resources for your cloud infrastructure. Our Rapid Deployment services allow you to quickly setup your cloud infrastructure and the rich user interface enables you to manage the performance of your cloud machines in an easy and intuitive manner.


Cloud Machine Facts

  • A la Carte Plans Available
  • Scalable solutions
  • Cloud Load Balancer
  • FREE DNS Services
  • Managed Network Solutions
  • Optional CDN Capability
  • Windows 2003 & 2008 Licensing
  • C-panel and Parallels Plesk Panel

Not all Clouds are Create Equally

Automatic Scaling and load balancing is one of the striking features of Cloud Machines. This dynamically scalable feature enables businesses to manage huge volumes of traffic that suddenly explode after an advertising campaign. In addition, Automatic Failover feature enables you to transfer critical applications from one machine to other, reducing down times and increasing productivity levels. Rapid deployment, easy management and flexible billing are an added advantage. Other features include Self Provisioning, hundreds of VM templates, White label support, Utility Billing and many more.




Our Support is the Best. Always.

We are committed to delivering the highest level of support for our clients. Be it technical support, product assistance or customer service, our highly motivated staff has the required expertise to resolve every issue in quick and efficient way. You can search our extensive knowledge base or login to our dashboard to raise a ticket through our support page. For telephonic calls, we have introduced a token system that enables us to serve you better.

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