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512 MB Cloud

$16.00 USD

1024 MB Cloud

$43.80 USD

2048 MB Cloud

$87.60 USD

4096 MB Cloud

$175.20 USD

8192 MB Cloud

$350.40 USD

15360 MB Cloud

$657.00 USD

30720 MB Cloud

$876.60 USD






Disk Size [GB]

Total price:

$16.80 USD

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Backup space [GB]
IP Addresses
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cPanel Cloud Optimized

Cloud Optimized automates performance settings to provide an out of the box enhanced hosting solution.

Reducing overall memory consumption is the goal of Cloud Optimized 2.0. It boasts a 12-15 Megabyte reduction in standing memory usage. Add that to the nearly 60% memory usage reduction from previous versions. This is accomplished while retaining all functionality of a regular cPanel/WHM installation.

Windows Licensing
Windows 2008 Licensing
Cloud Migration Services $50.00 USD Once Doesn't matter where you are moving in from or what the platform we have the skills.

Service is for single site to cloud on cpanel / hsphere / plesk / ensim to your cloud environment or our shared cloud environment. 

If you have large environments or specific needs please call we can make a quote. ( 1-888-690-2045 )
Managed Network Services Add Managed Network Services to your account
Includes DNS services / Firewall and Policy Management
Includes VPN Termination to 5 locations.
Branch Office VPN Watchguard Branch Office VPN
CDN - Global CDN
  • Instant Activation
    100% Automated
  • Built for Speed
    Routing based on speed not cost
  • Customize Your CDN be selecting which regions you want from our control panel.
    Pay for what you use
  • Asia - $.165/GB - 22 POP's
  • North America - $.085/GB - 51 POP's
  • Europe - $.085/GB - 58 POP's
  • South America - $.165/GB - 1 POP's
  • Oceania $.165/GB - 9 POP's
  • Africa $.165/GB - 1 POP
  • Works with wordpress, joomla W3 Total Cache
    Takes minutes to configure
Cloud Load Balancer - Free Load Balancer FREE!
    Free DNS - Free DNS Services FREE! Free Global DNS Services. No Other Product Order Needed.

    Order Summary

    Description Price
    Cloud Machines - 512 MB Cloud $16.00 USD
    RAM [MB]: 512 Free
    CPUs: 1 Free
    Disk Size [GB]: 20 Free
    Backup space [GB]: 10 Free
    IP Addresses: 1 Free
    Port Speed [Mbps] 10 Free
    Data Sent [GB/h]: 1 $0.40 USD
    Data Received [GB/h]: 1 $0.40 USD
    Total Recurring:
    $16.80 USD Monthly
    Total Due Today:

    $16.80 USD

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